Afraid to hope

If fear is what shapes your view of what lies ahead, you’re focused on everything that could go wrong because of what went wrong before.

That may seem like a natural response to protect ourselves from being hurt or betrayed again, but it also means that we’re focusing on everything that appears as a risk.

The problem with that is that we only find what we’re looking for.

If we’re looking for risks, we’ll find it. But that means that we’ll miss all the opportunities to get things right, or to create a better outcome than before.

While there may be practical reasons to protect ourselves from physical threats, it’s very different when we protect ourselves from perceived emotional threats.

It’s like putting a bird in a cage to protect it from getting killed by a predator.

You may protect it from that possible fate, but you also prevent it from learning how to fly away from such dangers.

That bird then becomes dependent on you for its protection.

The same is true about emotional threats.

Only, with emotional threats, we become dependent on holding onto that past hurt or betrayal, or failure, to ensure that we remain alert to any circumstances in which the possibility exists of repeating such an experience.

When you release yourself from that emotional cage that trapped you, remember to give yourself enough time to learn to fly before you go in search for new opportunities to create the life that you want.

If you don’t, you’ll look to the future with fear, and convince yourself that hope failed you each time.

It wasn’t hope that failed, it was a lack of awareness of what we were getting ourselves into.

Solve the right problem. Don’t give up hope, invest in yourself so that you’re equipped to create the life that you want.

It always starts with you.

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