Make space for peace

Don’t go searching for peace.

Get rid of the noise and peace will find its way to you.

When you find yourself in darkness, it doesn’t help to try to contain the darkness, does it? Instead, we go in search of a means to create l light.

Similarly, when you’re desiring peace, you need to understand what is robbing you of that peace and focus on resolving that, rather than trying to wish it away by yearning for peace only.

Think about it. Does it help to go on a journey to get rid of baggage if you’re packing the baggage with you for the trip?

That’s why we must take time to recognise what we’re holding onto that brings us discomfort or anguish, so that we can stop investing energy in it.

Remember, it’s not always someone or something that we need to let go of, it’s often how we perceive them, or it, that needs to change.

That’s part of letting go of the noise that doesn’t serve us well so that we can create space for peace in our lives.

Always remind yourself that the opinion that you formed about yourself, or about someone else, was done at a different time in your life, and theirs.

If you can allow yourself to outgrow bad ways, don’t you owe it to others to allow them the same kindness?

And if you’re still judging yourself by a mistake from a different time in your life, then you have yet to understand the true meaning of kindness and compassion.

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