It doesn’t make you stronger

The belief that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger is a lie.

It may prepare us for greater trials and opportunities, but we also grow impatient or intolerant when we find ourselves facing the same issues repeatedly.

Life feels fulfilling and purposeful when we solve a problem and move on, but feels exceedingly frustrating when we are compelled to deal with the same problem every day.

Eventually, it’s not the repeated problem that gets to us but rather anyone associated with such problems.

Like going to work and dealing with disrespect or unreasonable demands to constantly have to explain or defend yourself, and then getting home and being faced with similar experiences in a different context.

Those themes that are similar between work and home is what feels like a trigger or a provocation because emotionally, it resonates with the insignificance that we feel in both places.

And the same is true in reverse.

What we experience in our home life preloads us for what we’re willing to tolerate in our public or professional life.

The more mindful we are about this, the less likely we are to rage at those who have nothing to do with our misery. Be they loved ones, or strangers.

Don’t go looking for character building experiences that will make you stronger.

Life has plenty in store for you by design.

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