It’s no secret that I have contentious views about the human psyche and what makes us behave the way that […]
Life has a way of beating you down while lifting you up. It’s often a morbid combination of how we […]
Meditation or prayer is what gives us retrospective pause to realise where on that treadmill of life we find ourselves. Mindfulness is what reduces our need for such deliberate reflection. And sometimes, without realising it, we become distracted in our efforts to be mindful, while allowing moments of excitement, joy, or exasperation to escape us because we are too busy observing the individual components that make up that wholesome experience.
One of my favourite movie scenes is the one in The Matrix where the agent holds down Neo’s head as […]
I need to step back from my life in order to regain an objective view (if that’s possible) of whether […]
I find that dealing with betrayal or abandonment of trust is very different now compared to a few years ago. […]