Don’t use religion to elevate your ego. By doing so, you use God to worship your ego, rather than subduing […]
While I may not be able to resist the physical oppression that overwhelms any physical means of resistance I have at my disposal, it has never been a reason for me to remain oppressed in my mind. Far too many see the shackles on their wrists and assume that to be a denial of their freedom to think and to choose. I may not be able to choose my freedom of movement or association at all times, but I can always choose how much of that oppression defines me or what I am capable of contributing towards its dismantling.
The joy of symbols. So here we have a mosque with a paving design that incorporates the Jewish symbol which […]

I’m in a strange mood this evening. This simple yet serene photo brought tears to my eyes. The humble act […]
Perhaps if we worshipped more and prayed less, we may find that we’ll have less reason to pray and more […]