Prayer or Worship?

Perhaps if we worshipped more and prayed less, we may find that we’ll have less reason to pray and more reason to worship.

That’s not as cryptic as it may sound. Worship, to me, is acknowledging the greatness of the Almighty and His power to make anything happen in your life. Prayer on the other hand, is submitting your needs to Him and hoping that you’re worthy of it being accepted. If this is an agreeable definition, then it stands to reason that the more we choose to recognise His mercy and blessings in our lives, the more likely we are to be inclined to show appreciation for it through worship, rather than to constantly overlook our blessings and focus on our needs that we need to pray for.

But, we’re human, so we will err, and we will forget, and that is why in His eternal compassion, He has made available to us the channel of prayer at times when we find it difficult to acknowledge our blessings and are instead distracted by our needs or wants.

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