Whose pedestal is it?

When we see people for what we need them to be, rather than who they are, we elevate their position in our lives through no fault of their own.When they fail to meet the expectations that we created because of that unrealistic perspective that we had of them, we feel betrayed and then blame them [...]

That self-loathing demon

Ingratitude for the self is reflected in how much time we spend self-loathing.But self-loathing is disguised in many creative ways.The above list of 10 common points is only the tip of the iceberg.Self-loathing is rarely, if ever, a result of our current circumstances, and almost always a result of how we felt about our place [...]

Maybe tomorrow…

Just like tomorrow is not guaranteed, neither is our next breath.Each moment taken for granted is a moment lost.Each loved one taken for granted is a heartache earned.Each abandoned resolution made after tasting loss or visiting death's door is food for the seeds of hypocrisy and self-loathing within. The victim mindset turns supporters into enemies, [...]