Your perspective may be your undoing

Internal conflict is the greatest contributor to misery.

And misery or stress is felt most deeply when we’re at odds with ourselves, which affects our health because of that internal conflict.

It is stress that always precedes any physical ailment that forms as a chronic illness within our body.

And expectations are at the core of stress.

We experience the most stress when what we believe others expect from us conflicts with what we expect from ourselves because it feels like they’re being unreasonable or as if they’re trying to set us up fry fail.

But we only stress if we lack the ability or confidence to correct their expectations, or to adjust our own.

That confidence is rarely developed in the moment of being challenged.

Confidence comes from the credibility that we develop in ourselves after experiencing the positive outcomes of being true to ourselves.

That means that as long as we avoid being true to ourselves because of the fear of rejection or ridicule, we won’t give ourselves an opportunity to prove ourselves.

In other words, when we hold back because we try to fit in, we drift further away from confidence, and closer to being defined by what others think of us.

That’s how we become miserable, because life becomes a chase for acceptance and validation.

Accomplishments then lack sweetness or fulfilment unless someone else acknowledges the value of what we accomplished.

But even then, we won’t truly connect with the joy and gratitude of such accomplishments because our fulfilment is found in receiving validation from others, and not in the beauty of who we are.

It always starts with you.

Own Your Life.

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