Save yourself from regrets

I believe that among the great deathbed regrets will be the realisation that we never truly showed the world who we are.

It’s the what-ifs and if-onlys that cause more regret and heartache than any bad decision.

Bad decisions are made with good intentions, yet we always choose to remember the negative outcome, rather than celebrate our innocence and sincerity for trying.

We do this because we’re more focused on what others think of us, than we are about what we know to be true about ourselves.

This bias against ourselves is one of the roots with which ingratitude takes hold in our life.

When that happens, we become martyrs in our own mind, as we focus on everything that didn’t work out, while losing sight of the beauty and blessings that we have.

Living up to your convictions, despite society, is what will provide you with peace and fulfilment when you need it most.

That is, in those final moments when you look back at the sum total of your life and wonder if you made the best of it, or did you only focus on the worst of it?

Redefine what peace means to you. It is always beyond just the absence of disagreement or hostility. Peace lies in being true to yourself, and appreciating the opportunities for growth that such conviction creates in those around you.

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