What are you waiting for?

When we find ourselves waiting for just the right moment, or that right feeling, or the perfect setting, or the ideal opportunity to present itself before we do something, we’re afraid of failure.

If we know, with understanding and rational thought, why we are not ready for something, that’s different.

When we have no real reason to put something off but we hesitate and make excuses, that’s when we’re not yet convinced about the value in what we want to do, or our ability to be successful at it.

Looking for reason without deliberate effort or purpose is how we pacify ourselves in our efforts to avoid failure.

When we focus on the value that we wish to create, and we accept that we are always learning something new even in spaces where we are very confident about our abilities, we will find the conviction to take action rather than to avoid failure.

The only reason failure weighs down on us so much is because we are defined by how others may judge us.

If you find yourself in such a head space, you need to reflect on why the opinions of others are more important than your opinion of yourself.

Improve your opinion of yourself, and it will be easier to take advice, learn from your mistakes, and grow from failure.

Own your life, or else someone else will.

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