Seize the moment…not the day

Tomorrow is not just another day.

Tomorrow is simply today again, only with less time than we had yesterday.

If you’re not focused on what you need to achieve today, you’ll always be trying to finish what you should’ve done yesterday.

That’s how procrastination and misplaced optimism wastes away a good life.

By all means, pace yourself so that you don’t burn out.

But don’t become complacent in the process.

Don’t wait for inspiration to strike.

Inspiration most often hits you in the process of creating something amazing, not in the moments of over thinking what needs to be created.

Show up.

Get started.

Seize the day.

Tomorrow is never guaranteed.

Procrastination doesn’t only steal time, it also steals your dreams.

Embracing your passion in the absence of validation can be quite a powerful source of self-doubt.

Believe in yourself, otherwise how can you expect others to believe in what you’re creating?

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