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  • How much are you worth?

    How much are you worth?

    When your behaviour is driven by how others treat you, the good times become dull, and the bad times become dreary. It might seem endearing to focus on how others treat you so that you can return the favour if they’re being sweet or kind, but that means that you are not being true to […]

  • Life is nothing without gratitude

    Life is nothing without gratitude

    Gratitude is only possible if you’re present in the moment you’re in. Fear distracts us from the present moment by reminding us of the past and tainting our experience of the present. It’s when we look for evidence in the present moment of the causes of pain from our past, that we find reason to […]

  • Ungratefully appreciative

    Ungratefully appreciative

    Words that carry good intention but lack conviction, often causes more harm than good. Like expressing appreciation for the blessings that we have, but treating those blessings with disregard because we lack true gratitude for it. The expression of appreciation towards something is the equivalent of a good intention, and nothing more. Gratitude runs much […]

  • Avoiding life is waiting for death

    Avoiding life is waiting for death

    Sometimes, avoiding drama seems like the only possibility of experiencing peace. But, that’s like saying that as long as we’re not sad, we must be happy. We know that’s not true. The absence of unpleasant events in our life may give us reason to be grateful for not having them, but it doesn’t mean that […]

  • Celebrate the victim, destroy the human

    Celebrate the victim, destroy the human

    What we take from a traumatic event is infinitely more important than the event itself. It’s how we feel about what we experienced that weighs down on us more than the experience itself. The more it shakes our confidence, the greater our need for reassurance and support. While it’s entirely understandable to be overwhelmed in […]

  • Conviction or distraction?

    Conviction or distraction?

    From The Egosystem, a reminder that when you are pursuing something new, don’t expect the people around you to understand or to buy into why you are passionate about it. Most of us are surrounded by people who live safely. Who fit in as best as they can. When you threaten to disrupt that safe […]

  • If you think you can’t, then you won’t…

    If you think you can’t, then you won’t…

    Archive Post… I can’t count how often I’ve been told, “Not everyone is like you!” That comment was usually in response to me encouraging them to do better or to rise above what was troubling them. You see, the assumption that a weak person makes is that some people are gifted to be more successful […]

  • Burn yourself, why don’t you.

    Burn yourself, why don’t you.

    Anger always claims a higher price from ourselves than it ever will from the people on whom we project it. And before you assume that to be false because of the lasting impact that it has on its victims, understand that that lasting impact is because of their anger at the one who was taking […]