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  • Gratitude, the root of peace

    Gratitude, the root of peace

    As long as you have gratitude in your heart, you will always find opportunities instead of problems in your life. Gratitude allows us to focus on what’s good, and realise how much worse things could be. It encourages appreciation for what we have instead of envy for what we don’t have. Most importantly, it recognises […]

  • Soul food

    Soul food

    The physical form demands fulfilment, while the soul demands peace. Too often, we mistake the fulfilment of our physical needs to be soul food, and we neglect our soul. As this soul food grows familiar, we seek ever more creative ways to get that fulfilment leading us further into indulgence, and away from peace. Soul […]

  • Ingratitude breeds ingratitude

    Ingratitude breeds ingratitude

    When we’re ungrateful for who we are,When we deny any good in ourselves that others may see,When we ignore our beauty because there may exist some ugly,We protect ourselves from attachment to anything wholesome or beautiful in life. Our need for such protection is a deeply ingrained fear about never being good enough. Not good […]

  • The gratitude paradox

    The gratitude paradox

    Gratitude is a result of appreciating the absence of something. That absence doesn’t have to be experienced, it can also be observed. All that is needed is an event or incident that inspires the realisation of what life would be like without the value that we obtain from something. Occasionally it’s from someone. It is […]

  • Silent Protest

    Silent Protest

                      A protest that cannot be articulated, is a protest spawned by futility, to feed futility.                 My contempt for what I am presented with is rarely expressed plainly. My reservations to express at all is grounded in years of […]

  • Gratitude before regret

    Gratitude before regret

    It’s impossible to be grateful for a blessing that you don’t acknowledge. Like believing that we’re entitled to certain outcomes because of our effort or contribution. Or believing that we’re entitled to be treated a certain way because we believe we’re a good person. Whether those entitlements are true is not the issue. The issue […]

  • Gratitude is not the first step

    Gratitude is not the first step

    Gratitude is all that matters, because gratitude is not possible without everything that matters coming before it. Gratitude escapes us when we don’t respect the effort needed to achieve anything worth achieving. It escapes us when we assume that we’re entitled to an outcome, without considering our contribution that is needed towards that outcome. It […]

  • Exhale. Peace is within reach.

    Exhale. Peace is within reach.

    Wisdom is the re-finding of innocence. We’re born innocent, but then life happens. Almost imperceptibly, our innocence wanes, and our disappointment in life replaces it. Focused on remedying our justified gripes with this world, we lose sight of our innocence that once brought us peace. Our life then becomes a struggle to regain that peace, […]