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  • Trappings of Entitlement

    Trappings of Entitlement

    Ingratitude seeps in when you look for evidence of deliberate kindness despite there being no evidence of cruelty from others. We’re so conditioned to find goodness against the backdrop of evil, or generosity in the midst of selfishness, that we’ve grown to believe that only the evidence of deliberate kindness is an indication of care […]

  • The absence of gratitude

    The absence of gratitude

    It’s easier to assume that someone is ungrateful rather than to invest time in discovering what it is that distracts them. If we work with the assumption (if not the truth) that one is in search of the same joy and peace that we are, seeking to understand each other will be easier than wanting […]

  • Celebrate Life

    Celebrate Life

    It’s that time of the year when everyone is talking about resolutions for change in their lives, and many are judging me for not giving a damn about the fuss. Don’t click away yet. This is not a rant or a pity party. It’s a genuine attempt to offer you an alternate perspective on all […]

  • Public Service Announcement

    Public Service Announcement

    After the successful release of my first book, I realised that I need to consolidate my online presence. But first, I’d like to express my sincere appreciation for your support and feedback on my blog over the last ten plus years. I have recently upgraded to the premium services of WordPress and will be merging […]

  • Fleeting Thoughts VIII

    Fleeting Thoughts VIII

    When loyalty triumphs over justice, chaos triumphs over peace. Peace is elusive when love for the self is preferred over love for others. Love for others reflects a generous spirit, while hatred for others reflects an insecure soul. Insecurity is founded in ingratitude. Ingratitude breeds insincerity in the same way that stagnant water breeds mosquitoes. […]

  • Build, Maintain, or Destroy

    Build, Maintain, or Destroy

    The choice to improve our state has always appeared to be a default setting for human nature. Just like the baby that learns to crawl before learning to walk and then run, adults also seek constant progress with the aim to achieve more comfort or fulfilment in their lives. The nature of this world is […]

  • The Burden of Choice

    The Burden of Choice

    Choice is that horrible thing we despise when something doesn’t work out in our favour, but it’s a right we jealously defend when things go our way. Right there is the crux of balance, but balance will remain elusive if we don’t recognise the choices that we made. That is not as basic as it […]

  • Opportune Moments

    Opportune Moments

    Tonight I was reminded of many things. Important things. Calling them things undermines the significance of it, but such is life. It turns the ordinary into elusive extraordinary moments, and turns the defining moments into passing glimpses of what was or what might have been. I was reminded of something I read on the blog […]