A hospital for dented egos

I've seen, and experienced first hand, the disaster that awaits when we convince ourselves that the demons that others deal with is our responsibility to resolve.Being kind, compassionate, and even understanding does not mean that we must own the decisions that others have made, especially when those decisions include them choosing to hold on to [...]

Don’t wish away life

Perspective is what makes the difference between feeling trialed, versus experiencing growth.The narrative that keeps reminding us that it's a cruel world and that we must struggle to survive, distracts us from our contribution towards that cruel world.When things don't go our way, we must remember the times when we were faced with unexpected difficulties [...]

Build your village

We're bombarded every day with messages that try to convince us to put ourselves first.To protect ourselves from being taken for granted.To demand our rights.To claim our voice.To claim our space.And yes, all of that is important. But...What about what we're required to contribute?Who reminds us of our responsibilities before they remind us to claim [...]