Celebrate your humanness

Tears are not weakness because it takes strength to embrace your humanness.

The worst brutes lack the courage to be human because appearing unaffected by others is their idea of strength.

Sadly, such a show of strength seals their hearts to emotion and blinds their eyes to the harshness that they exhale, creating distance between them and those they wish to have closer.

They convince themselves that their cold exterior is needed to protect themselves from hurt while not realising that they created the self fulfilling prophecy that hurts them.

When comparing yourself against such emotional detachment, it’s easy to believe that you’re weak for feeling something that leaves them untouched.

No. The weakness is in them.

Strength is found in knowing that your humanness doesn’t define your resilience.

Being human makes makes resilience a beautiful trait.

Without it, life loses its sweetness, and resilience becomes a cold comfort without fulfilment.

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