Own your self-worth

Before we can allow the world to define us, we have to first give up what we believe to be true about ourselves.

I’ve seen so many test their significance in the lives of significant others, and when they don’t get the affection or inclusion that they want, they readily assume that it’s because they’re not good enough.

Why are we so inclined towards questioning our value, instead of seeing the complete human in the other person?

To see that complete human, we can’t dehumanise them by assuming that they are free of the self-doubt or insecurities that we may be struggling with.

We all just conceal our faults through different defences.

One of those defences is to appear aloof or uninterested in response to a show of affection from others because we’re afraid of rejection or disappointment.

We protect ourselves by only allowing safe options into our personal space.

Remember: if you appear too confident or composed in front of another, they may see it as a threat to revealing their lack of confidence.

Think about that the next time you don’t get the warm reception you were hoping for and decide to convince yourself that you weren’t good enough.

Everyone has their demons that they’re struggling with. Don’t always make it about yourself.

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