More ways to destroy trust…

Our consideration of trust is often limited to promises or follow through on something that was clearly agreed with another.However, trust is broken in many ways, most of which are subtle and often unintended.It's these subtle breaches that leave us seething with anger or raging with tears while not knowing how to connect the betrayal [...]

Destroying the one we love

When we look at ourselves with harshness or pity, we find reason to protect ourselves and others from what we see.We convince ourselves that we are a burden or a curse to those who deserve better than what we have to offer.Or, we convince ourselves that we won't be able to bear them leaving, so [...]

Tainting a beautiful soul

Betrayal of trust always cuts deeper than any other wound that we endure in life.A trust of the heart is an offering of the most sacred parts of who we are to those whom we believe will add to its beauty, and its peace.When it is held sacred by the ones with whom we share [...]