Tomorrow is not promised

Too often we remind others that tomorrow is not guaranteed, yet we live our lives as if we have all the time in the world to make that next big decision, or to do right by others.If tomorrow is not guaranteed, neither is your next breath.When our thoughts about life remain philosophy, and our reality

Be exceptional

If we focus on the exception, we'll realise what is possible.If we focus on the norm, we'll surrender to what we think is inevitable.This is at the heart of mediocrity versus excellence.There are those that look at trends and try to follow, and those that focus on value and pursue a better path. Wanting to

The delusion of life

A life without introspection is nothing but a delusion.Assuming that you know yourself without truly knowing yourself leads to many regrets because of poorly informed decisions.Introspection allows us to learn from the lessons of the past by revealing our contribution towards its outcomes.Mindfulness allows us to apply those lessons in the present moment.Ignoring both leads

Embrace your greatness

There is greatness in all of us.Problem is, if we don't get recognition from others about our greatness, we assume the greatness is not so great, instead of realising that they're too distracted to notice.That's when we give up on that greatness and instead embrace something trivial that will attract their attention.Then, when we get

Who says you’re not enough?

If you need to remind yourself that you're enough, you convinced yourself that you weren't enough.No one can do that to you without your agreement or consent.Reminders, or affirmations have their place in getting us back on track when we become distracted from the truth of who we are.The moment we need to do either

Don’t be the victim oppressor

Every decision we take has an impact on us, and on those around us.If we only consider one side of that equation, we'll either become victims by denying ourselves of what we need in favour of pleasing everyone else, or we'll become oppressors by pleasing ourselves and denying the rights of everyone else.Finding a balance