Fear breeds sadness

Fear creates more sadness than heartbreak ever will.Fear keeps us anchored in a moment that has long since passed.Fear convinces us that we need to be protected from what we previously experienced, while distracting us from the wisdom and strength that we gained from that experience.Fear prompts us to look for signs and evidence that

Fearfully hopeful

Patience is only patience when it is the foundation of hope. Not when it is the pacifier of fear.Hope is the currency of growth, whereas fear is what breeds decay.To patiently await the decay of what we hold dear is not patience, it is surrender.To hope, despite the apparent futility that stares us down, is

Trading off the best of me

If kindness and compassion are a reflection of who we are, there can be no prerequisite for anyone to have to deserve it, or to earn it from us.How we express it towards them may take different forms, including tough love.But it is our intention behind that tough love, and how we follow through with

Understanding misunderstanding

When we find that, despite our sincerest efforts, we continue to be misunderstood, consider that perhaps we need to focus on understanding instead.Understanding becomes difficult when we're gripped with the desperation of needing others to understand how important something is to us.That desperation is often driven by fear, or self pity, rather than conviction. And

Silent Protest

                  A protest that cannot be articulated, is a protest spawned by futility, to feed futility.                 My contempt for what I am presented with is rarely expressed plainly. My reservations to express at all is grounded in years of

Cherished to death

When love is a well kept secret, it becomes torturousWhen love is embraced, it emits a glow that keeps the darkness of the world at bayWhen we withhold our love from fear of it not being enough, we destroy the very object of our affectionThus, self deprecation cherishes beauty in silence, but leaves to whither