A silent betrayal

The betrayal of trust is not always due to blatant acts of dishonesty.Most often, it's the silence or the restraint from a loved one when their words or their embrace is most needed.It's the shrug when we reach out to them or offer them support, or the deliberate obliviousness when we express our need for

My silent scream

When rage is all you have left in you, know that you've surrendered yourself to the betrayal of the world.When rage becomes a silent scream or a deliberate protest, despite your best intentions, you are still defined by that betrayal.When rage colours your view of the world, you see demons in angels, and persecution in

Getting it wrong

An excerpt from my first book, The Egosystem, contemplating the impact of things not working out often leads to our greatest moments of inspiration.That's part of the beauty of defeat. It creates a deepening appreciation for the dreams that we court.But we all have a tolerance level beyond which even the probability of hope feels

A brain dump

I need to return to my self. When the feeling of being adrift and the mental fog merge, the road ahead appears as a romantic setting filled with intrigue and adventure, but little answers. In seeking such answers, I may find new paths and new passions, but such a journey cannot be undertaken when chained

Respectfully dishonest

This is especially true for our relationships with ourselves, more than it reflects on our relationships with others.We disrespect ourselves when we avoid truths that feel shameful or disappointing about who we are.That shame or disappointment that we feel is because we're looking at ourselves through other people's eyes, or at least what we think

Demand more…of yourself

Unless you believe that you are capable of achieving more, you will always hold on to less.That belief is more about feeling worthy than it is about ability.Sometimes, we look at how our best efforts were received and assume that the negative outcomes bear testament to the value that we have to offer.We then find