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  • Need help to de-stress?

    Need help to de-stress?

    We all need different things at different times in life. It’s part of the growth cycle. From beginning to realise what we’re really dealing with, to finding ways to cope with it, to choosing to rise above it, and finally, to no longer be defined by what was once weighing us down. These are important…

  • When fear serves you poorly

    When fear serves you poorly

    People willingly buy into uninformed theories, or even hearsay, because it validates their fears. We need our fears to be validated when we’re afraid of appearing incompetent, or feeling insignificant. This is the beginning of the slide towards losing yourself to the opinions of the collective as you focus on belonging more than you focus…

  • Is cabin fever getting to you?

    Is cabin fever getting to you?

    Is cabin fever catching up? Need a sounding board that won’t make things worse? Or maybe you realised that now is the perfect time to invest in your personal development as you gear up for life after Corona. Whatever your reason is, take advantage of these lock down specials. International clients are welcome. Multiple video…