Who says you’re not enough?

When we find a need to repeat affirmations like 'I am enough' to ourselves in the mirror each day, we're trying to convince ourselves to believe something that we are already convinced is not true.If we believed it to be true, there would be no reason to try to convince ourselves about it each day. [...]

Have we forgotten how to love?

Most of us have forgotten how to truly love another.Love has become so commercialised, that we confuse a mutual exchange of interest and benefits as love.That's why we end up believing that only as long as we're getting what we need, do we have reason to feel loved.Meanwhile, we lose sight of the struggles of [...]

Dignity is yours to claim

There is no shortage of examples of dignity in war zones, poverty or drought stricken areas, or in the midst of heinous terrorist attacks.Notice how some people, when faced with soul-destroying realities, are still dignified in how they rise above it?If you wait for your aggressor or abuser to treat you with dignity before you [...]