Trading off the best of me

If kindness and compassion are a reflection of who we are, there can be no prerequisite for anyone to have to deserve it, or to earn it from us.

How we express it towards them may take different forms, including tough love.

But it is our intention behind that tough love, and how we follow through with it, that determines if it was indeed inspired by kindness and compassion, or by anger or frustration.

The moment we expect someone to earn our kindness, respect, or any other virtue that we claim to possess, we lose that virtue and replace it with arrogance.

Arrogance is a result of a low self esteem.

There is no reason to demand recognition of our contribution if we truly appreciate the value of what we contribute.

Therefore, we diminish ourselves by trading with others that which we should be valuing within ourselves.

Express the beauty of you despite the bitterness of those around you.

It may be the very catalyst needed to break the cycle of your life that you so despise.

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