Out of Touch

I sat up in bed this morning, looked at myself in the mirror, and asked myself a simple question. What are you losing sight of? I've been significantly distracted for some time now. The truth is, by most standards, I've been sad most of my life. It's a natural disposition. Always aware of what is

Dinner for one

A seriously low self-esteem left me concerned that people were always looking at me and seeing how flawed and clumsy and stupid and awkward I was. My first wife made me realise that it wasn’t about them at all. It was about me indulging me. To hell with everyone else. I needed to spoil myself,

That Nudge

Life creeps up on us when we think we’re being smart and sophisticated by making elaborate plans to achieve things we assume is important. Then suddenly, the most subtle nudge jolts us out of that self-indulgent stupor and we realise that everything we were planning for was actually trivial and pointless. I recently begrudgingly settled

Lilies in love…the natural arch of her body leaning unconsciously into mine, without restraint, nor with surrender, just leaning and taking comfort. Not a word need be uttered. Just a simple expression of the heart so sincere that never a word could describe.  This photo was taken in April 2010 at the Kruger Park Lodge in