True love is never lost

Fate has a way of giving us what we ask for when we don’t realise we’re asking for it.

It is the yearnings of the soul that calls out to the heavens, while our mouths utter pleas that are born of the distractions of needs.

Needs are ephemeral. They pass through us like the passing of fluids through the loins of beasts.

Denial of such needs leads to anger, and anger betrays the soul.

The yearnings of the soul prevail beyond such fickle expression.

It is in the infinity of true love that the soul finds peace.

Whatever ends, is therefore not true to love or to the soul. It is not what physical bond we may maintain that defines such love.

Such a love is defined by the pulse of the soul that continues to beat, eternally rhythmically, for the same soul that set it alight and inspired its beautiful rhythm.

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