Don’t sell yourself short

When you surrender your principles in exchange for affection, you give others permission to demand compromises rather than create understanding.

Worse than this, when you make such a compromise, you undermine your worth in the relationship by giving up what you believe in, not because you changed your beliefs, but because you wanted to be accepted.

Instead of upholding your truth, you settle for inclusion by those who don’t subscribe to your truth.

After some time, when the price of that inclusion begins to take its toll, you’ll find yourself adrift without your principles to anchor you, and with the realisation that they never really accepted you in the first place.

How could they if you didn’t reveal to them the truth of who you were?

That’s when life feels empty or burdensome, and anger becomes the tool through which we demand our significance in those relationships because we were hoping that at some point they would see our sacrifice and appreciate us for it, only to discover that our sacrifice was never important to begin with.

That anger is not always directed at those who didn’t appreciate us. Often, it’s directed at ourselves for not being good enough.

Think carefully before you compromise who you are just so that you can fit in. Every compromise comes at a cost. Be sure that you’re willing to pay the cost before you lose yourself in the process.

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