What is purpose anyway?

While we chase the big question about the purpose of life, we lose sight of the life that we waste daily as we go about serving some purpose or the other without realising it.

That’s the thing about being distracted from the present moment.

We’re so concerned about the future, and often still processing the past, that we lose the present.

Popcorn wisdom aside, we must connect with the reality of what purpose is driving our actions in this very moment.

However, we often confuse long term goals with purpose.

Purpose is not something that has a finite end. Nor is it something that is tangible or measurable on its own.

It’s a higher calling. Something that inspired us to want to achieve goals that serve that purpose, and not a goal in itself.

There is only ever a single purpose in life, from which all other purposes are spawned.

That is, the need to be of positive consequence to those around us, and to the world at large.

We often behave badly when we feel like the fulfilment of that need is under threat. But we’re so focused on complying with expectations, our own and others, that we lose sight of why we feel overwhelmed, taken for granted, abused, or even invisible.

Reconnect with purpose and life becomes more fulfilling without the conscious effort of making it so.

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