Contaminating the self

Self-worth is contaminated when we try to define it by the way we think others perceive us.

Whether their perception is correct or not is irrelevant.

The fact that their perception has more sway over our self-worth than our perception of ourselves is what determines the difference between a healthy self esteem, and an unhealthy one.

Many struggle to connect with who they are in the absence of an external voice validating them.

That external voice is not always aware of the validation that they provide because the one in need of such validation invests themselves in inspiring others to feel accomplished and amazing. [This is important!]

When that investment is not well received, or is credited to someone other than the one making the investment, the self esteem of the investor is destroyed.

That’s how we lose ourselves to servitude. We lose sight of our ability to serve, and become defined by how our service is appreciated, or rejected.

Thus, are arrogant ones created. Arrogance being nothing more than a proclamation of the good in us that we need others to acknowledge.

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