Don’t wait for justice

This world was created for respite, not for justice. Stop waiting for it to be OK before you move on with your life. It will never truly be OK.

And when you eventually do move on, it’s because you stopped waiting for it to be OK, not because it suddenly was OK.

Life is most often wasted waiting for retribution or reciprocation after we’ve been treated poorly or betrayed.

When we wait for such justice to come to pass, it means that we’re more invested in our past than we are in our future.

The irony is that we convince ourselves that we can’t have a future until we get justice for our past.

The truth is, the future only becomes available to us when we have reconciled our contribution towards the outcomes of our lives.

We’ll never be able to get into the heads of those who oppressed us or treated us badly.

Waiting for them to step up and do the right thing is simply perpetuating the very reason why that relationship may have failed in the first place.

The moment you reclaim your voice in your life, you reclaim your future, and you discard the shackles of the past.

This doesn’t mean that by reclaiming your voice the issues from the past that continue to plague you will disappear.

No. What it means is that your response to it will be defined by how much power you want it to have in your future, so that you’ll be able to choose your battles and your conditions for peace more wisely.

Breathe, beloved…don’t forget to breathe. And between each breath, consider if your last breath was invested in your future, or your past…and choose more wisely the purpose of your next breath.

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