Lost moments

The pendulum of time brushes ever so lightly against the arc of eternity, and in that very finite moment of its contact, an entire lifetime is lived. Some are deluded into believing that the pendulum will swing back, realising too late that once the moment is passed, it is lost to eternity.

For some reason, this thought always chokes me up… :'(

Why do people take life for granted and wait for ideal moments before allowing themselves to embrace life more fully and sincerely?

Moments pass so quickly.

The current trends are to catch moments through meditation, long after the moment is lost.

Or to reminisce about why it could have been different if only something else was in place at the time.

The most gut wrenching heartache is caused from moments that held the promise of beauty or peace, but were lost to bad timing, or fear.

I think the secret to living joyfully lies in trusting those who echo the sentiments in your heart.

But such a trust is daunting when it was abused by another, and thus courage becomes a prerequisite for trust.

Discovering the secret of courage then becomes the next pursuit of the heart.

Breathe, beloved…slow deep breaths. And courage will emerge from the depths where it lays dormant after having been subdued by calloused hands.

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