Trading your future for your past

How much of life is wasted trying to reconcile the bad experiences of the past?For every moment that we spend dwelling on an injustice or oppression against us in the past, we impose an injustice and oppression on ourselves and others in the present moment.The present moment is what takes care of the future. That's

Surrender to servitude

We all want to be significant because of who we are. This is what defines our place or sense of belonging in this world. When we find reason to believe that we are not enough, we convince ourselves that we will only ever be valued for what we can do. That's when we stop trying

The struggle of faith

It is our belief in the value of something that drives us towards fighting to protect it.We cherish that which we appreciate, and we appreciate that which we value.Call it conviction in the value of the outcome, or belief in the beauty of its truth. Whatever it is, it is that unwavering faith in what

All that matters is right now…

Reminiscing about the good old days becomes a toxic trait when it distracts us from what we have now.Our distracted state is what causes us to lose sight of what we have, so that at some future point, we may once more reminisce about what was.Such an indulgence, when done in excess, convinces us that

Peace is not the absence of battles

When life feels overwhelming, the most effective way to slow things down is to choose our battles.Prioritising what's important over what's urgent usually sets the tone for what we tolerate or invest our time in, versus what we ignore or postpone.However, this only creates capacity to deal with new battles that may arise, it doesn't

It’s not always about you

With due to respect to the author of this quote, I totally disagree with this view. This is why.It's one thing to let someone know that you were hurt by something that they did or said. But it's something totally different to blame them for hurting you.When you make them aware of how you feel