Need help to de-stress?

We all need different things at different times in life.

It’s part of the growth cycle.

From beginning to realise what we’re really dealing with, to finding ways to cope with it, to choosing to rise above it, and finally, to no longer be defined by what was once weighing us down.

These are important stages to be mindful of when choosing your coach.

Choosing poorly could lead you in the wrong direction, or make you complacent about where you are.

The most important choice you can make in life is choosing between wanting to feel better about where you’re at, versus choosing to rise above your current challenges.

If you need help choosing, try the free 30 minute consultation offered to new clients. Get the free voucher details in the product description below.

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Is cabin fever getting to you?

Is cabin fever catching up?

Need a sounding board that won’t make things worse?

Or maybe you realised that now is the perfect time to invest in your personal development as you gear up for life after Corona.

Whatever your reason is, take advantage of these lock down specials.

International clients are welcome. Multiple video calling platforms supported. Online payment facilities available on my website at

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New spaces

My daughter has been nesting more than usual recently. And she’s been bullying me for my phone to take photos like these of her nesting efforts. These flowers from the garden are surprisingly cheerful. They look beautiful in the garden, but they really pop in the house. I guess it’s a reminder in a way that in our usual environment we blend in or appear ordinary, but explore new spaces and what we have to offer suddenly takes on a new richness. I think I’m in this space now…but grappling with the mechanics of figuring out how to insert myself into new spaces. It’s not the unfamiliarity that I find challenging, it’s simply access. Maintaining a low social profile makes it that much more difficult to break new ground when that new ground is intricately woven with other beings. Never a dull life…

Imminent Release of Own Your Sh!t

Perfection is an aspiration, a path of continued learning and application. Not a destination. Almost at the finish line, for getting it to market, at least. Then the real work starts with getting it out there. My little dent in the universe of overbearing emotions… Watch this space for Amazon listing info soon.

Defining Moments Life Coaching

Defining moments are those moments that mark a turning point in our lives. It’s either recalled as a moment of upliftment, or sadly too often a moment of duress. Both, however, define our lives and influences our behaviour in ways that we rarely recognise.

When those defining moments are positive experiences, recognising them allows us to build on the momentum that it offered and makes such moments sustainable and repeatable. The moments that weighed us down can stifle our growth and confidence for years to come. It leaves us feeling burdened and exhausted compelling us to find ways to cope with what feels like external stress from work, family, social, or all of the above.

At the core of any growth effort is the need for mindfulness. Mindfulness must be grounded in practicality and not approached as something external to your life. It must become an integrated part of who you are and how you immerse yourself in your daily life. This is the only sustainable and most powerful form of mindfulness. A mindfulness that allows you to navigate your emotions with clarity and your circumstances with a quiet confidence.

Defining Moments Life Coaching focuses on a practical and effective approach to achieving balance in life, and especially understanding and working through past experiences that may be holding us back. With the emphasis on being accessible to those that would not normally be able to afford such services, coaching sessions are virtual to reduce transport and logistics costs for the client, and improve convenience and cost effectiveness.

Schedule your consultation today and make a major positive step forward in achieving your dreams and aspirations without compromising your soul or your personal relationships.

Coming Soon: Launch of Life Coaching Practice

My life’s calling has always prompted me towards this project. Throughout the years, despite my focus in my professional career having been in the information technology and management consulting arenas, I was always drawn to the human story behind good or poor performance. Unlocking potential in people who had a very limited view of what they were capable of has always proven more fulfilling than the highest paying roles that I’ve filled.

I walked away from a seven figure salary to pursue this dream of mine. The people around me thought I was crazy, and many still do, but I know what I’m passionate about. That is, empowering people to rise above the constraints of their upbringing! In a nutshell, that is my calling in life. To inspire and guide others towards embracing the enormous potential that they have within them.

My approach differs considerably from the norm, but having been doing this for no fee for many years now on a part time basis, I have proven that breaking the mold of traditional psychotherapy and life coaching, and finding a balance between the two is the most effective way to reinvent yourself. Some brief examples of unconventional successes that I have had over the years include:

  1. Career Coaching – Transforming individuals from entry-level jobs to highly sought after technical specialists without them having a tertiary qualification
  2. Life Coaching – Guiding individuals out of a chronically depressed state to being motivated and inspired to pursue their dreams
  3. Marriage Counseling – Restoring balance and respect in homes that were disrupted by external influences
  4. Health and Wellness Coaching – Helping individuals identify the causal relationship between their emotional state and their health, and guiding them towards overcoming it. (Especially effective for chronic conditions also known as lifestyle diseases.)
  5. Anger Management – Guiding individuals towards realising the source of their anger and effectively resolving it so that it does not hinder their growth or happiness in future
  6. Personal Trauma – Anything from divorce, to abusive relationships, childhood trauma that still deeply affects adults, and other forms of emotional abuse has been successfully unpacked and processed to release the hold that it had on the victims of such circumstances

My coaching approach is best described as a holistic approach. My first book titled The Egosystem dealt with the core of the human condition and how it shapes our lives. My second book will focus on practically applying those insights into your life so that you can find your balance and point of grounding to be successful, both in your personal and professional endeavours.

In the weeks to come, I will share more information about the service offering, rates, payment options, and the format that the coaching sessions will follow. My website will also be updated to allow for online booking of sessions, including real-time payment, and resources to make it more accessible for everyone. I will also be offering virtual coaching sessions so that it is accessible from anywhere in the world.