Chasing dreams

Chasing dreams is not all butterflies and roses, or unicorns and rainbows, or whatever.

Actually, it’s more whatevers than it is anything else because it provokes and inspires changes and new realities in all your comfort spaces.

But, if you have an endearing relationship with your comfort zones, then chasing dreams is not for you.

When you chase your dreams, you must be willing to reinvent yourself every step of the way, because what you’re trying to achieve is more than what you have.

It means that you want to create a version of who you are that will be unfamiliar to those around you, so you risk isolation, being misunderstood, ridiculed, and rejected.

Chasing dreams means that you’re serving a vision of something you believe to be truly valuable. A vision, not a goal.

The goals that you define for yourself must be focused on contributing towards that vision.

Most importantly, it’s your vision. So don’t expect others to believe in it with the same conviction that you do.

That also means that when others question it, you must recognise that you have more work to do in selling your vision to them. It doesn’t mean that your vision is worthless.

Chase your dreams. But, before you do, make sure that you own it, or else someone will come along and quite innocently question it, leaving you doubting yourself and potentially abandoning your dream for all the wrong reasons.

There’s a reason why the majority choose to live by other people’s rules. It’s because they don’t believe in their own dreams, so instead, they dedicate their life enabling the dreams of others.

There’s no shame in that, provided your doing it consciously, and not out of fear.

What’s your dream?

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