Where is your faith?

Fear sets in when we take our past experiences and project it on our future.

That means that we have more trust in the outcomes of the past, than we do about our ability to shape our future.

It also means that when we find it difficult to establish or maintain trust in a relationship, it’s because one or both of the people involved are afraid of making themselves vulnerable to what they’ve experienced before.

That’s why so many hold on to the past.

It gives us a sense of certainty or safety, while seemingly protecting us from experiencing the same pain in the future.

But, that assumes that who we were back then, is still who we are now. That assumption is incorrect.

Every experience changes us, whether willingly or unwillingly, consciously or subconsciously. Change is unavoidable.

What does faith have to do with it all?

The irony is that faith is there all along.

Faith is never blind.

What we see as the probable outcomes of the future is in fact faith. Faith is always based on evidence that we gather from the past.

The question is, are we gathering evidence about how often we failed, or are we gathering evidence of how often we persevered beyond those failures?

When you connect with that realisation, you’ll be able to consciously shift your investment of faith from assuming the worst about the future, to realising that you have it within you to influence how that future shapes up.

Own your life.

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