Never lose hope

There are three expectations that I’ve found to ravage the soul. They are :
1. The expectation of respect from those whom you respect
2. The expectation of appreciation from those for whom you sacrifice and serve
3. The expectation of honesty from those whom you trust

If not for these three expectations, much of this world’s bitterness would be eliminated.

Contrary to meme wisdom, it is impossible to live without expectations from others.

Not only is it impossible, but without expectations, much of life’s sweetness is lost.

Trusting our partners or significant others to fulfill the expectations that we have of them cements the bond of trust in our relationship with them, and vice versa.

Failed expectations feel like betrayal because expectations, by definition, carry with them a sense of entitlement to being treated a certain way by those closest to us.

When we become distracted by that feeling of betrayal, we become defensive or aggressive in demanding what we need, rather than seeking to understand why we’re not getting it.

When we focus on what we have a right to expect from others, we become defined by how they honour those expectations. That’s how we risk losing ourselves to such relationships.

When expectations fail, focus on hope instead.

Hope is what creates opportunities for us to be the best that we can be, while creating space for others to discover how to be their best as well.

Never lose hope. And always be mindful of the expectations that you have.

It will save your sanity, if not your soul.

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