What’s your legacy?

Live to love, to laugh, and to leave a legacy.

It is only through truly appreciating who we are, that we will be able to leave an imprint of love in the hearts of those we cherish.

Until we connect with that gratitude of self, our efforts will put smiles in the hearts of others, while our own faces carry smiles that barely reach our eyes.

Without such gratitude, our laughter will be nothing more than an attempt to release, in that moment, the heaviness that we harbour within.

And our legacy will be one of sacrifice and martyrdom, teaching our loved ones to sacrifice themselves in the service of others, while not teaching them how to connect with the sweetness of such service.

Material success is only a blessing if it uplifts, rather than enslaves.

Wealth that enslaves is the wealth that strokes our ego but deprives us of the joy of human connection, or denies us the bonds of beauty that feed our souls.

Laughter should not be sourced from a business deal that outwitted our opponents.

Such laughter will mock us in our later years when we realise that our fascination with wealth was merely a drop in the ocean of joy compared to the joy that we could have achieved in investing our incredible talents to brighten up the faces of loved ones, or even strangers.

Wealth is a means to an end. Don’t get so caught up in the means that you completely lose sight of your end.

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