The struggle of faith

It is our belief in the value of something that drives us towards fighting to protect it.

We cherish that which we appreciate, and we appreciate that which we value.

Call it conviction in the value of the outcome, or belief in the beauty of its truth. Whatever it is, it is that unwavering faith in what we cherish as a truth that spawns the trials that we face when protecting or defending that truth.

As is often said, when you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything. What isn’t said often enough is that when you stand for something, you’ll be plagued by everything that is threatened by what you stand for.

Such is the burden of faith.

Whether it is faith in the divine, or faith in the beauty of creation, faith compels us to protect and nurture that which we hold dear.

For those who lack such faith, destroying or abusing what we cherish goes unnoticed, leaving us to contend with the destruction they leave in the path of their obliviousness.

We contend with their destruction because of our faith in the value of what they threaten to destroy.

Thus, holding on to that faith becomes the trial itself, when letting go holds the promise of ease from those struggles.

But ease itself holds no value if it leaves a gaping hole where we once had fulfilment or joy.

That’s why we hold on to faith. Not because we are afraid of letting go, but because we are afraid of feeling empty, or unfulfilled, after having felt, even for a brief moment, complete.

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