Allow healing to begin

Don’t wait for someone to speak of your pain before you allow your wounds to heal.

Your wounds will fester and taint everything around you as you look for reason to feel appreciated for the struggle that you have endured, or may still be enduring.

You may even convince yourself that your struggle is important enough to be noticed by those important enough to you.

But, while waiting for them to notice your pain, you suffer.

You stop noticing what is being tainted by your festering wound.

And each time you glare at them, looking for evidence of understanding, and only sometimes finding sympathy instead, you look within and notice that sympathy is only ever a dressing to cover the wound, but never to heal it.

Sympathy only provides a comfortable space in which to nurture the wound, but doesn’t cure it.

A wound caused by betrayal can only be healed through an accepting embrace.

An embrace of everything you were before being wounded, and an embrace that loves everything you are capable of being despite your wound.

An embrace that sees you beyond your wounds, and reconnects you with every innocent belief that you held true, deep within, before that unkind cut gouged your soul.

There is beauty and peace beyond that wound. But only if you allow its healing to be administered by a heart other than the ones who betrayed you.

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