The beauty of perfection

The beauty of perfection escapes the bitter heart.

Bitterness is the toxin that we hold on to after we experience a betrayal of our trust in another.

Sometimes that trust is so dear, that we hold on to the poison of its mishandling to protect ourselves from ever being vulnerable to such hurt again.

Sadly, in doing so, we also deny ourselves the opportunity to experience the beauty that may be the remedy to heal the wound of that unkind betrayal.

Thus, we anchor ourself in the same past that we wish we could forget, or undo.

Inevitably, the ones who offer the beauty that we need to breathe fully again are the ones who receive the caustic treatment intended to protect us from such future pain.

Without realising it, we pay the pain forward, and become part of the cycle that stole our innocence by destroying the innocence of another.

Break the cycle, beautiful soul. Break the cycle. It will raise your station above the toxic one so that you won’t find yourself looking at the world from their vantage point any longer.

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