The beauty of perfection

The beauty of perfection escapes the bitter heart.Bitterness is the toxin that we hold on to after we experience a betrayal of our trust in another.Sometimes that trust is so dear, that we hold on to the poison of its mishandling to protect ourselves from ever being vulnerable to such hurt again.Sadly, in doing so, [...]

Perfectly Distracted 

There was a time when I judged the character of others by the number of times they would use terms like existential, nihilism, fatalism, and the like. Often, the words of Einstein echoes in my head reminding me that if I can't explain it simply enough, it's because I don't understand it well enough. And [...]

The Desire For Excellence

Achieving a state of excellence in at least one sphere of our lives, I believe, is a universal yearning. It allows us to leave our mark or establish a legacy so that we may believe that we won't be easily forgotten when we're gone. It also feeds a need to constantly improve where we're at [...]

No More Than Me

The above thought has morphed in meaning for me over recent months. I used to think of it within the context of kids with prince or princess syndrome and recall how we were never raised to consider ourselves to be anything more than we were. We were always smacked in line when we got ahead [...]

Another Vicious Cycle

Man is incapable of perfection, yet I expect it of others, and demand it of myself. Even in the latitude that I allow myself and others around me, I expect perfection in their compliance with such boundaries all the while fooling myself that my flexibility flies in the face of my perfectionist tendencies. Nonetheless, I [...]

What kind of a society causes beautiful girls and women to feel ugly? Yet so many still chase endlessly after that ever elusive perfect image that only airbrushed models are able to achieve? What is wrong with us?