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  • What is it about toilet paper?

    What is it about this toilet paper binge? I think we lost our humanity long before Corona. And if our response and attitude towards each other during this crisis is anything to go by, we won’t re-find our humanity anytime soon either.

  • Escaping emotionally abusive homes

    Escaping emotionally abusive homes

    Trigger warning. Unpopular opinion. Tough love ahead. It’s not drugs that steal our children from us. Like us, they also need to feel significant. Taking drugs is not just a bad habit. It’s a means to escape what we don’t want to deal with in the world around us. Is it a bad decision? Absolutely.…

  • Awakening beauty

    Awakening beauty

    There is a beauty in awakening the soul that is only ever experienced by those who have the courage to stir it from its slumber. Fear doesn’t only make us aggressive towards those that don’t deserve it, it also convinces us that what we have is all we’ll ever be capable of achieving. Courage results…

  • Hope and faith…two peas in a pod

    Hope and faith…two peas in a pod

    Sometimes I lose the only thing that I can’t afford to lose. Hope. And then I scramble after it knowing that everything else is worthless without it. Hope is something that cannot be denied, or destroyed. Like faith, it can only be redirected. When we give up hope in our dreams, we invest hope in…

  • The single parent challenge

    The single parent challenge

    This is a burning issue. I won’t be surprised if we have more single-parent homes than we have two-parent homes these days. In fact, even many two-parent homes are run like a single-parent home because one of the partners are either uninterested, emotionally unavailable, or simply a delinquent child themselves. The crisis is much worse…

  • The silent lie

    The silent lie

    Dishonesty isn’t always a lie. It’s often an unspoken truth. In fact, unspoken truths are probably the source of more dishonesty than outright lies. We remain silent when we feel threatened by the revelation of the truth. That threat is not always about exposure of who we are. Sometimes, it’s because we don’t want to…

  • Don’t try to be better than others

    Don’t try to be better than others

    The sooner you realise that you’re different from everyone else, the sooner you’ll be able to define your own path. The most pervasive limiting belief that I encounter in others is the belief that they’re not as good as others. If we stop and pay attention for a brief moment, we’ll realise that it’s not…

  • Why gratitude is all that matters

    Why gratitude is all that matters

    Gratitude speaks more to our soul than any gift or trinket, or whispers of endearment. Gratitude is impossible without respect,and respect is impossible without honesty,and honesty is impossible without sincerity. And so it continues until we realise that expecting gratitude or appreciation from someone that lacks any of these fundamental traits in their character is…