Why judge yourself?

“By those who consider the whole of me, I may be judged fairly. But by those who remain invested in only a single moment of time from a distant memory, they will only be able to judge an abstract moment of what I’ve lived.” (Excerpt from my essay A Long Drive With Me)

On the face of it, this is an obvious and common truth that we all experience at some point.

It’s easy to recognise when someone is judging us based on a single moment, or a single mistake from a long time ago.

Their reason for holding on to such experiences is most often more about them wanting to protect themselves from going through it again, than it is about assuming that we’re incapable of being better.

But, there’s a more sinister side to this.

How many of us judge ourselves harshly because of that one mistake that we made a long time ago?

Do you still see yourself through your teenage eyes?

Or maybe you see yourself through the eyes of the one who first betrayed your love?

Perhaps you even still see yourself through the eyes of the family or the community that rejected you?

Whichever is true, when you hold on to being defined by a moment from your past, not only do you convince yourself that you are incapable of being better than that, but you also actively prevent yourself from growing from the experience.

There is no shortage of people who would see fit to judge us, and the ultimate judgement of our lives will come in due course.

Why put your life on hold over thinking either one, instead of living your best life?

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