Eat more humble pie

It only tastes like humble pie when we feel humiliated after being corrected.

Arrogance is the belief that we’re better…humility visits us when we realise that we’re not.

The root of arrogance is insecurity, but that’s a discussion for another day.

If we’re sincere about wanting to benefit others or wanting to create good for those around us, when we get it wrong and we’re corrected, we’ll appreciate it.

In such cases, we’ll eat gratitude pie, not humble pie, right?

So, when it feels like we’ve been made to eat humble pie, we need to consider what our intention was behind what we did before we got things wrong.

On the surface, our intentions always appear noble.

But it’s that appearance of nobility that distracts is from sincerity.

When connecting with or checking your intention, be sure to dig deeper than what you experienced in that moment.

It’s only when we connect with our intention, our true intention, that we’ll be able to recognise how others are not deliberately malicious or selfish in their actions.

Instead, it will allow us to connect with empathy to the emotional needs that they have.

That’s how we break cycles of unhealthy behaviours.

Perhaps if we eat more humble pie we’ll discover gratitude? 🤔

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