Rediscover who you are

The journey of rediscovery of the self is the greatest joy of all.

It shakes off the cobwebs that life tends to accumulate, and breaks the chains that we’ve used to tether ourselves to past experiences.

Rediscover who you really are, so that you can shake off the debris that you accumulated through the years with each toxic character that convinced you that you were someone you’re not.

Your true self is buried beneath the clutter and wounds of the past.

The risk of coping with failure or betrayal is that our act of coping grows to define who we think we are.

But that’s when we lose sight of who we were before that moment.

The only way to move beyond it is to recognise that coping is only needed as long as we’re still holding on to the hurt or the disappointment of what could’ve been, but didn’t happen.

Let go of it, and the joy you experienced before that defining moment will return.

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