In pursuit of a life worth living

We get it wrong so often.

We chase the means to an end and neglect the end.

We find reason to exhaust ourselves in accumulating the trophies of life while discarding life along that journey.

The celebrity lifestyle teaches us that a celebration of our accomplishments is rarely a celebration of who we are.

The accumulation of wealth, the active pursuit of health, or the courting of fame all distract us from the truth of who we are as we grow to be defined by what we achieve.

And in that way, we give others reason to judge us or to embrace us based on those achievements, rather than allowing them to connect with the human behind it all.

A life well lived is one that is an expression of your authentic self.

To know your authentic self, you must reach within before you become defined by what you have around you.

It is through connecting with who we are, appreciating ourselves for the beauty and the flaws birthed from the struggles of our lives, and recognising the resilience of spirit that we possess that instils an authenticity of self that no trial will ever be able to smother.

It is through this realisation of the self that we will apply ourselves with conviction, passion, and purpose in our pursuit of creating value in the lives of others.

It is that value that is uniquely ours to contribute, that creates the fulfilment that feeds our soul, nourishes our body, and creates space for the rewards that such contribution inevitably earns.

Wealth is relative. Contentment is not. Be sure you’re chasing the right one before you lose both. Or worse, before you lose yourself.

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