Don’t dance with the devil

The devil lives in our doubts, and our demons thrive in our fears.

What we take from life leaves us filled with hope, or ridden with fear.

But because it’s what we take from it that matters, we can always revisit a memory or an experience and find something more wholesome to take from it.

While we cannot change the past, we most certainly can change how it shapes us, and our relationships with those around us.

The most common reason for not wanting to explore a fresh perspective of our past is because we need those doubts and fears to convince us never to expose ourselves to such experiences again.

It’s got nothing to do with questioning our abilities, and everything to do with avoiding disappointment or pain. Because while we may know without a doubt that we’re capable of achieving something great, we’ll avoid even attempting it because of the possibility of the devastation of it being rejected or taken for granted by others.

Don’t entertain the devil, and don’t surrender to your demons.

Life awaits.

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