Trading your future for your past

How much of life is wasted trying to reconcile the bad experiences of the past?For every moment that we spend dwelling on an injustice or oppression against us in the past, we impose an injustice and oppression on ourselves and others in the present moment.The present moment is what takes care of the future. That's

Contortions of reality

It is my belief in the good that is possible that has been the cause of my greatest regrets when I realised that I was alone in seeing the world that way. It's that same belief that has driven me towards offering myself into spaces for which I was inadequate, or social circles for which

The broken cup

Too often, our focus is on how empty is our own cup.Sometimes it takes a while before we realise that we're not taking care of ourselves as we lose ourselves in our concern for others.So we begin to focus on filling our cup so that the emotional fatigue can finally be overcome.Sadly, we don't stop

The struggle of faith

It is our belief in the value of something that drives us towards fighting to protect it.We cherish that which we appreciate, and we appreciate that which we value.Call it conviction in the value of the outcome, or belief in the beauty of its truth. Whatever it is, it is that unwavering faith in what

The personification of madness

Perspective, when shared, provides a sense of sanity and inclusion.It convinces us that what we see is not a figment of our imagination, and therefore must be real.Perception is what convinces us of our place in this world. It suggests that we belong in spaces where others see what we see.Madness, is therefore the absence

All that matters is right now…

Reminiscing about the good old days becomes a toxic trait when it distracts us from what we have now.Our distracted state is what causes us to lose sight of what we have, so that at some future point, we may once more reminisce about what was.Such an indulgence, when done in excess, convinces us that