Bitter sweet nostalgia

Nostalgia is a beautiful thing, if we connected with the joy in those moments.

Otherwise, it is torturous, as we remind ourselves of what we’ve lost, while losing the present moment along with those memories.

Mindfulness of the blessing of the present moment is the only way to live a fulfilled life without courting regret.

Unfortunately, we spend so much time taking the hurts from the past, using it to interpret what’s going on in the present, while projecting the outcomes on the future, that we forget to even live in the moment.

That’s when bitterness sets in as we wait for others to recognise our struggle, or to empathise with our state.

The impact of life is what we choose it to be.

The moments of hardship or loss are only ever single moments.

What we take from those moments are the choices we make based on how we see ourselves, and what we want others to see in us.

The less aware we are of this, the more we lose ourselves to the struggles of life, resulting in an obliviousness of the present moment that causes us to make uninformed decisions which lead to more regret.

Living inside your head is never a recipe for a fulfilling life.

Connect with the present moment, and when you have the last time of a good thing, it may be bitter sweet. But it will be more sweet than bitter.

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