Bitter sweet nostalgia

Nostalgia is a beautiful thing, if we connected with the joy in those moments.Otherwise, it is torturous, as we remind ourselves of what we've lost, while losing the present moment along with those memories.Mindfulness of the blessing of the present moment is the only way to live a fulfilled life without courting regret.Unfortunately, we spend... Continue Reading →

Nostalgic Deception

Flipping through some old sets of postcards that I bought on my very first trip abroad, I felt an inclination to want to reminisce about that trip as if it was such a beautiful experience. You know, those memories that you see through rose coloured spectacles pretending that everything was perfect with the world and... Continue Reading →


I had time to waste today, so I took a drive through my o-o-o-ld neighbourghood. I was reminded of so much from my past, mostly from my childhood that it left me somewhat bewildered. There was a bitter-sweet after taste from the whole experience, because it somehow felt as if I had left my roots... Continue Reading →

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